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Time for change?

New Year New Beginning.

Not sure where it will go or where it will lead. Sort of exciting.

Maybe I need more space to move, more room to breathe.

Maybe I seek fame, if not fortune. Maybe I seek contentment, if not praise.

Maybe it’s not all about poetry. Maybe it’s colour. Maybe it’s heat. It’s hard these days

to see the difference tween dark and light, black and white, peace and fright.

Maybe I’m wrong and nothing will be right again.

But if I’m right, (and I’m sure I’m right)

This new year will be a new beginning

A time for change.

So each step we take must be a step forward, even though the world is closed.

and those who sleep won’t see me creep ahead

I’m centre stage

Writing on a new page

It might not be a poem but beware – no-one knows what’s here or there

-What might I conjure up instead?



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