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The Delivery Slot

Covid Times

The Delivery Slot 2020


How do I spend my day?
I tell thee true
This is the way
I log on all the shopping sites
And hope for slots, both days and nights
And when a slot I do secure
I search for  broccoli and flour
For eggs and cheese
And beef stock and brown sugar please
And toilet rolls
Many hours I pass this way in Covid times
I have no other goals
And if perchance I have forgot
Some minor item – worry not
For I can go back in, amend
the list and check out once again
It is a game of chance, not skill
I realise when I pay the bill
The cost is cheap – I feel rewarded
But there’s only half of what I ordered!
And I am here both days and nights
Searching on-line shopping sites
I log on, sign in, tap and scour
To find some broccoli and flour
And hope to find some toilet rolls…
I have no other Covid goals.
Amanda Samm 2020