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Train Journey II

Reserved seat

Ticket slotted in the back

Find a space

To put your case

Check the place

Take a look

Did you book

Back or

Face The front


The case wont go

Up on the rack

Take it back

Maybe just your mac

Just chuck it up

Beside the back-pack


Squeeze into the seat

Between the table and

The cuddly toy the little boy

Is holding with his sticky caked up


And the woman with a make up bag

bigger than your suitcase


Wish you’d bought a

Water or a beer

Sitting here

Nothing much to do

And wonder if the loo

Is to the front

Or to the rear


The mac sleeve

Dangles from the rack

Pointing at the coffee cup

A cadaver

Dripping off his



Well this is fun


Enjoy the train

No stress no strain

Inspectors here

Where’s the ticket?

In your pocket?