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Sober in October

Three days in without a gin

A cider or a beer

I pledged October I’d be sober

Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear!


I tried before but on day four

The urge for cider beckoned

I did resist but must admit

Its harder than I reckoned


Alcohol is not my troll

I only drink from boredom

I could refuse, but might seem rude

When someone else has poured ‘em


I’ll be just fine without the wine

And lager I’ll evade

I’ll give no thought to drinking port

I’ll just have lemonade


I’ve tried my best but feel depressed

(In Yorkshire terms I’m ”mardy”)

But its just a joke to drink your coke

Unless you’ve got Barcardi.


So – squash for me, and decaf tea

And cocoa are my friends.

I’ll sit in wait and watch the date

Until October ends.