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Lock-Down Three

Things to do in Lock-down 3


I’m going to

  • clean the house
  • and renovate the old décor
  • I’ll exercise and go for walks
  • I’ll paint and draw


It’s good to have a plan

But like new year resolutions

They go quickly down the pan

And my good intentions

Like my January Inspiration

Is quickly replaced by apathy

And procrastination


Cleaning – what’s the point?

When no-one’s allowed to visit

And if the décor the same

as they saw before

It isn’t going to matter, is it?


Exercise took a Christmas break

And it’s hard to get restarted

The weight gain from the Christmas cake

Has made me feel downhearted


It’s cold down in my garden shed

Where I like to paint and draw

It’s frosty and the wood has swelled

And I can’t get in the door


I’ve cut my hair, a snip or two

Cut all round till it was gone

It couldn’t wait till end of lock-down

Kept calm and carried on.


I had a lot of plans for January

But it’s the same old procrastination

So Lock-down three can “do one”

I’ll stay in bed until

I can get a vaccination

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