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The Day I Met You

(For my nephew, James)

You probably know that after your birth, you had to stay in hospital. At that time, mothers could not stay with their babies.

Your mum was keen to breast feed so she expressed extra milk to leave at the hospital when she could not be there.

To get to hospital she was dependant on buses. Sometimes, she arrived to find they had already fed you formula which was upsetting as they would not keep the breast milk, and it had to be wasted.


As a child I had several bouts of tonsillitis. One bad infection was just after you were born. At that time it was the trend for children to have a tonsillectomy, and I went into hospital on Wednesday 21st December 1960


It was Doncaster Gate hospital – the same one that you were in, although a different ward. I had my operation on Thursday 22nd and we both came out of hospital on Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th, 1960. I was six years old. You were six weeks old. For Christmas dinner, I had my mother’s home made ice cream direct from a gas powered fridge and you had your mother’s milk direct from your mother.


That’s what I remember about the day I met you.




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