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Do I Exist? (Sonnet + 2)

Do I Exist?

(For the homeless man, the lonely woman, the unloved child)


Do I exist? I have no means to show
My evidence of being on this earth
I wake and breathe but no-one seems to know
Or think or care to tell me what I’m worth
There’s no one casts endearments or kind words
There’s no-one speaks my name when I am near
And even when I’m out, my names not heard
And no-one calls me “love” or “pet” or “dear”


Without a name identity is lost
But still I’m made to feel that I’m to blame –
A nobody who wanders all alone
Not even worthy of a spoken name
And every day, the question’s always there:
Do I Exist? Does anybody care?


Who am I then? Can anybody say
That I exist, before I fade away.