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The Text Reminder Service. A Poem for GDPR Week

I got a reminder yesterday

An appointment at the doctors, today

I phoned the surgery, as I couldn’t recall

Having a date with them at all


“Oh yes,” they said. “It’s your review

We want to take some blood from you”

Well that seemed fair, so I said OK

And went along as required, today


How strange, I thought, when I got there

My Sis-in-Law sat in the chair

I said “Oh dear, what’s wrong with you?

A blood test? Well that’s weird, me too!”


Oh dear, the pieces start to fall

Into place. Its not me at all

Who has review and blood to take

They texted me, by mistake!


In the week when the topic is GDPR law

You would not expect to find this flaw

Within the realms of NHS

But then perhaps you would, I guess.


They saw her name but texted me!

We laughed, but still it should not be

Dismissed. It isn’t good.

But at least they didn’t get my blood!


Later, I get another text

How likely would it be

That you would recommend

Your doctors surgeree


Well let me see

You said it was me

That was due to have a review

And now the boot’s

On the other foot

And I am reviewing you


You sent me a text

And I was vexed

But I checked and you still didn’t see

that the message you sent

Was actually meant

For somebody else, not me


I could have lost work

I could have lost money

We both could be cross

But we thought it was funny

It could have been worse

And when I thought of it later

It’s a terrible breach

Of our personal data!


So No. In a score out of Ten

I give you a zero.

Don’t text me again.


© Amanda Samm