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Age ‘n’ ‘Flu (second draft)

I feel really rough but I’ve not got a cold

My nose is all snotty – its a snivel, I’m told

But my chest is so tight and I’m starting to cough

And I’m putting on blankets – then taking them off


I’ve had ‘flu before – well I thought it was ‘flu

But I couldn’t lie down I had so much to do

The children were younger but so was I then

And I didn’t expect to get it again

Then, with the ‘flu I complained of the aching

I felt that all of my body was breaking

Now that I’m older I can’t really tell –

My body can feel like that when I’m well!


So perhaps its my age that is making it worse

I need a physician to cure this curse

“No” says the doc with his mighty detection

What you have here is a chest infection!


Oh, so that’s what it is when a pain in your head

Puts you down on your knees and into your bed

When the light hurts your eyes and its harder to breathe

And every deep breath results in a sneeze

I know what I’ve got but not what to do

It’s that awful disease, age ‘n’ flu!


The 1957 outbreak (of Asian Flu) was caused by a virus known as influenza A subtype H2N2, or Asian flu virus. Research has indicated that this virus was a reassortant (mixed species) strain, originating from strains of avian influenza and human influenza viruses.