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Taking a Jump into Summer


Yesterday I took off my watch
The digital, blue-tooth watch
That watches every move
And tells me if I walked five miles
Or took ten thousand steps
(As if I would.)
That tells me if I slept
And if I dreamed
And if my heart is beating as it should.
So I’m not counting steps
Not measuring if my sleep is deep
Not measuring my heart rate

And I feel a sort of freedom…
I’m taking a jump into summer

So today
I put away the scales
What does it matter?
A pound here and there,
Bit thinner. Bit fatter.
Who cares?
I still stepped
I still slept
My dreams were fleeting
My hearts still beating

I may not take ten thousand steps
Or walk five miles
But I’ll listen to birdsong
Smell the flowers
Feel the warm air and
Enjoy the sunshine
No guilt, no care

I’m taking a jump into summer.