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Muted Sentences

I talk to the mirror on the wall

Muted sentences

Practising the happy face

I’ll show you when you call.


Then, through panes of glass outside

Or the windows of our screens

I look at you – looking at me

Me, smiling as I cry inside

Realising what it means

Not to hold you


And everything I told you

Is not the same

As when you’re here with me

That clichéd rhyme

Of missing your touch

And loving you so much

Is not enough when I can only see

Your face through glass, or on a screen.


I wish you were in my room

But we don’t have that choice

And I’m trying to explain

How to Un-mute the Zoom

So I can hear your voice


And like the mirror on the wall

Muted sentences are all

I have, again.