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On A Train



It started just fine settling in for the ride

Except for the man on the other side

Who’s sweating and coughing and looking quite sick

I look out the window and hope the journey is quick


So I look out the window enjoying the scene

Of the trees in the autumn and grass lush and green

The clouds are so pretty in grey, pink and white

I watch as the sun sets and day turns to night


Now the man’s turned and half laid on his side

Maybe he’s dozing or maybe he’s died

His coat is bunched up – I can see his bare back

His jeans are so low I can see his bum crack


Look out the window – I must be distracted

Don’t want him to notice the way I reacted


Look out the window….


We go into a tunnel. I see my reflection

A train passes. Boom! In the other direction


My ears have popped and sound is now dim

I yawn and I blink. Then, I’m looking at him

His eyes are rolling up into his head

His jaw hanging open, his face very red


He should not be here, it has to be said

He should be at home tucked up in his bed


Look out the window into the night

But in the reflection of the carriage’s lights

I get no relief from this passenger’s plight

Even with my back to him he’s still in my sight!


Now he is coughing into a rag

And stuffing the sputum filled mess in his bag

We stop at a station and I hope he gets off

But No, he just stays and continues to cough.


It started just fine, would have been a nice ride

Except for the man on the other side.


© Amanda Samm 2016