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Shrove Tuesday

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday
And after that its LENT
A time to give up luxuries
A time I must repent
And give up all those vices
Of chocolate, cake and booze
And contemplate the great results
Of all the weight I’ll lose

Hurray! Hurray! It’s pancake day
Today  I’m eating up
The crisps and nuts , and supping
All there is to sup
I’ve eaten seven pancakes
With syrup, juice and jam
Tomorrow I will start my diet
To be lighter than I am

Now LENT is here. I’m ready
With new batteries in the scale
And new determination
To find the woman in the whale
It’s time to change bad habits
The time feels right to try it
I hope I’ll be supported
As I try (again!) to diet

Forty days and forty nights
Somehow to evolve
Into a slender figure
If I can find resolve
So that each four days, if I can lose
Just half a kilogram of fat
In forty I’ll be 5k lighter –
I’d be very pleased with that!

You know my silly rhymes by now
You’re waiting for the line
Where I say I’m eating chocolate
And drinking rosé wine
But I’m being deadly serious
The flab has got to go
So if you’ve any tips, then please
I hope you’ll let me know