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Poems for April Days 15 to 30

15 write while listening to music or inspired by it


Beethoven, The Beatles, Bon Jovi

Tchaikovsky Def Leppard and Pink

I love all their music, their lyrics and songs

But its not conducive to trying to think about writing

a poem whether rhyming

or prose I just have to switch off or forget

Whatever I’m trying to write

It goes wrong

And I do love a song.


But the Moonlight Sonata won’t Help me Keep the Faith

And the Sugarplum Fairy gives me Hysteria

Perhaps I’m just Mizunderstood

Maybe We can Work it Out

And Get the party Started soon.


17 forgotten technology


The Mangle

Me mother ‘ad a mangle

She turned it wi an ‘andle

I loved to see the water squashed

Out of all the clothes she washed

Me brother bought a motor

And made it automatic

So the handle wasn’t needed

And me mother was ecstatic.


One day me mam were poorly

So me gran came to do t’washing

She didn’t know about

The automatic squashing

Got her fingers in the rollers-

She wont do that no more

Her fingers don’t do laundry

But they’re good for sweepin’ t’floor

23 a  word where each shape of the letter is described, to describe the whole


The A points up, where I aspire to be, with a brace to keep me strong

The M is the ups and downs of doubt. I wonder if I’m wrong

The A comes back, says keep going upwards. Yes

The N is not so sure – but it’s one doubt less

The D peers outward. Where do I begin?

The A is strong. Amanda will win.

Fruit of the day

Is a fruit a meal? –

A food integral to the day?

Or just a snack? A way

To get from lunch to tea


Would you merit points for fruit?

Would size correlate with value?

Would origin or price compare

The points for mango, plum or pear

How to value pomegranate?

The juice may stand to have some merit

How awkward are the pips or seeds

How easily can it be peeled

How quickly will it spoil

Once its inside is revealed?

How do you value fruit? Citrus, Date or Berry

How fruity are your values?