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Masks in April (2021)

We are free to go out, to go to the shop

Meet outside for a meal or a drink

But when you meet up, and you still cannot HUG

Should you still wear a mask, do you think?


Cos it seems so unsocial if nobody else

Is covering their  nose and their face

And it feels a bit awkward to take out your mask

And be the first to put it in place


“I hope you don’t mind if I keep on my mask

I’m really not sure what to do

It’s just that I’m worried I might have the bug

And I don’t want to pass it to you”


I should think they will all then just take a step back

And adhere to the two metre rule

And why should I feel embarrassed?

-To risk Covid would make ME the fool


But I suppose we all have to be thankful

For vaccines and not being locked down

And though I  have doubts, well it’s good to be out

Come on then, let’s rock this ol’ town.