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Poems for April Days 1 to 14

This is the challenge set by National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).

There are some to finish, and some I won’t do, but lets see how it goes.

Day 1 Prompt – Poem where your persona is a verb

The Holder


I am the holder

I hold everything together

I am the fixer

I hold us


I held our children

I held the jobs

I held the door fast against the wolves.


When you were broken

I held back tears and carried us

To a safe place

And let you rest and mend


When you broke me

I held you, still.


I am the holder

We are both broken

And I

I – am — losing —my —- grip.

Day 2 Haibun (not in the prompt, just how it turned out)

There’s a room above a pub.  (Memoirs from an upstairs room)


There’s a room above a pub with a bed. The mattress is sunk in the middle.  The dark red counterpane hangs over the edges, the frayed fringes drawing the eye down to the bare floorboards. The rug has gone. A dull light shines through the rain spattered sash window, bare without the velvet curtains. The polished table is thick with dust now, and the lamp is missing. Lie down. The beautiful chandelier is still here. A contradiction of dangling prisms and latticed cobwebs. The familiar smell of mould and old beer is strangely erotic.


Oh! the night we had

Music from the bar downstairs

Us, here, on this bed.

3 – ten rhyming lines – still work in progress – you can’t rush these things


Interpreting a dream


No precipice to fall from

No hill to climb or route to choose

No trains or planes

No broken journeys

None of the tell tale strife

that spell the chaos of my waking life


A calm scene

with friendly people

And and a tall fellow

In a triby hat

Browsing trinkets in a gift shop


There was fish.

Hot steamed tasty fish

We all sat together to eat.

That was the strangest thing

Because I never eat fish


And after the fish

I left with the man in the trilby hat

And heard gossip behind the wall

From the friendly people

Who were not my friends

after all

5 and 6 were not done

7 News article

Easter News


At Easter a car was found

In someone’s garden, underground

Hidden there for fifty years

with just the grass upon it

There was mud in the boot,

but no flowers on the bonnet.


8 Prompt – Use first lines from someone else’s poem, and write your own

Lost Love

(first lines by A L Tennyson)


‘Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all

Those are the words

Above the picture on my wall


I find it rather hard that phrase

Now, after the last few days.

A sudden fury ripped us apart

And now I’m nursing a broken heart


If he had loved, and felt the cost

The heartbreak of the love he’d lost

He’d never have written those haunting lines

The words I’ve read a hundred times


And though my wounds are slowly healing

I’m not yet devoid of feeling

For perhaps I never would have missed him

If I’d never, ever kissed him.

(written over 40 years ago)

9  Concrete poem – Poem in the shape of it’s subject.




Form – Hay(na)Ku

Isolation. (Based on the physics of “Energy is depleted in an isolated system”)


Is harder
Than you anticipated

is defeated
when you’re alone

Is depleted
When you’re isolated

Always completed
On your own


(Physics Post Note – Energy does not die, it is just diluted)


Emotion of a flower

Grown from seeds

Like the memories in my child-mind

Furry pods

Grown into multicoloured spires

Like the memories of my teen mind

Psychedelic togs

Wild in fields along the wayside

Like the memories of the joy-ride

Nova Scotian Spring

Lupins. Flowers of happiness

The memories they bring.

12 Triolet

If all you want is to stay in bed

Stay up all night and sleep all day

Then please sleep somewhere else instead

If all you want is to stay in bed

Then I can rest my sleepy head

At night, and you can snore away

If all you want is to stay in bed

Stay up all night and sleep all day

13 Stolen



It was a steal

I saw it in the sale

I had to have it

A bargain beyond belief

Now I’m hooked

I cannot look away

The TV stole my time

The bargain was a thief

14 Write a poem about a Poet who inspires you – or doesn’t!

Dark and Light (Ted Hughes)

Out of R2W group and into the night

Wondering what on earth I can write

About the subject of Dark and Light

And the poet Ted Hughes


Came straight home and into the shower

Stayed there for must have been half an hour

Clearing my head as I tried to scour

Away the poet Ted Hughes


My Happy New Year dissolved to blues, when

We once again, dissected Ted Hughes

That Morning, That Salmon, this evening, confused

And I scream, unenthused, at Ted Hughes


Maybe he wins, this sad little Tyke with his

Roots in South Yorkshire but no proper rhyme

A Laureate? What? I won’t give him time

Of my day. I am done with Ted Hughes


Out of the Dark and into the Light

I love all my new friends at Read 2 Write

But never again do I want to set sight

And never again to hear of the plight

Of that miserable  poet, Ted Hughes

He’s Sh*te.