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Words are not Flowing

Words are not flowing


Words are not flowing,

These isolation days.

My muse is hiding

From the unseen enemy.


Today I thought she had returned

While I was making coffee

And pondering

The every-day-ness of it all,

But now I’m lost again.


It’s hard to lose

The hug, the kiss, of those we miss

But to lose my words,

It’s lonely.


I know there’ll be a time

When I will kiss and hug again.

I hope the words come back.


For many, this is a rich time for words:

Deep feelings of love, loss, and anger

And that wicked humour

That brings new creative lyrics to old songs

To lift the spirit and to find a laugh amongst the woe.

They write about the memories of the places they have been

And of the hope for places they might go

When we are free


For me, this is a quiet time

Without my muse


When this is over

I’ll come back to this

I hope she comes with me.



Amanda Samm April 2020