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Butter on Toast – a Survey

How do you like your butter spread
On your toast (not on your bread)
Here’s a survey tell me please
What’s your favourite of these

Read the options
One to four
Then let me have
Your butter score

  1. Be generous with the butter

Spread it nice and thickly
While the toast is nice and hot
And melts in – do it quickly

  1. Give my toast a chance to cool

Then spread the butter cold
Straight from the fridge in slices
Yellow, thick and bold

  1. Spread my butter thinly

And right up to the crusting
And then a layer of marmalade –
No shreds – they are disgusting!

  1. DON’T put butter on AT ALL

I like it without any
Just Marmite, or some strawb’ry jam
Or a dribble of clear honey

Or tell me your opinion
And post it here to view
Reply in strict(ish) confidence
(My mates are very few)

There is just one condition
Consider in good time
If you’re offering another choice
Lines two and four should rhyme 🙂