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My Signal Box

We had a garden tool shed. We built it “from scratch”. We bought the wood, made sides, cut a door, put a roof on etc. and it served us for many years. There were no windows, it got damp – we could not access the back and it started to rot, and the roof needed replacing. It was lovely for the spiders. The idea of mowing, weeding or growing things (always a job for procrastination ) was greatly marred by the challenge involved in reaching into this dark hole for the garden tools.

My dad was a railway signalman. I have spoken in this blog about my love of the signal box – the old ones with the levers in, and the newer, button press, ones. Well, my hubby thought it would be good to make me a signal box type shed in the garden where I can write poems, paint, or read and drink wine 🙂 (my idea)

So it began. The roof was replaced with a polycarbonate clear roof. Here it is with the first of its window frames in.

The back wall was so rotton, it had to be completely relined with new timber. The sides had new cladding, and a stronger floor was put down. The design was amended a few times. We settled on just three windows.

We got a bargain buy of a beige paint, to use as undercoat for the wood exterior. It made a tremendous difference and spurred us on to get more done.

Little things like fixing an electricity supply, lights and sockets, and a proper handle which it had never had, and getting the correct glass for the windows – all took time and resources. It was good to see the final colours go on.

I got a remnant of vinyl flooring from ebay, and laid it myself. Yay! The worktops were in, and I bought some vinyl tablecloth fabric to cover and protect them.

The finishing touches – not shown – are the green bases and the newly painted cockerel /weather vane which has now been attached.

Projects so far – I painted the cock, and I’ve painted one of my garden butterflies. I’ve bought a little easel and put up a rail for hanging wet paintings.

And framed a couple of photos of my dad’s last signal box. Voila!

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