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Macmillan Coffee Morning

So I did it. I hosted my first Macmillan coffee morning. It was Saturday morning and I had sent out invites, baked cake and scones and bought biscuits. The plan was to hold the event in the garden. We tidied the garden and arranged table and chairs under the Gala tent gazebo which we adorned with the Macmillan flags provided in their Coffee morning kit.  The forecast wasn’t too good, and it was a bit windy, but I had pretty stones and heavy butterflies holding the tablecloth down.

I was also using the event as an oportunity to “showcase” my new Signal Box Shed (see previous post) which had created a great deal of interest from neighbours who had seen it develop and friends who had seen photos on social media. So in the shed I put up the Macmillan quiz questions and the photocopied answer sheets. And the donation box.

The first guest arrived and we had a chat in the kitchen, and while the kettle boiled a few more people arrived and I arranged goodies on plates ready to take outside.

Then it rained. It poured. More people arrived, hurrying in and taking off drenched hooded coats, glad to be inside. I could no longer kid myself that everyone was going to enjoy sitting on damp patio chairs in the garden. I quickly brought in the Macmillan tablecloth, put it on our dining table and made a display of the nibbles. (At this point I feel a strong urge to put in a photo. But I didn’t take any, so imagination (for the reader) and memory (for me) will have to suffice.) It looked good. I was just amazed that almost everyone I had invited had turned up. Together. The “emergency chairs” were all occupied and my small “parlour” was abuzz with chatter.

With mention of a quiz, and a slight break in the weather, I was encouraged to fetch everything back from the shed, but took a few  brave / curious people with me. A few “oohs” and “aahs” later, with the rain pounding down more than ever, (and the donation box under a coat) we made it back to the house. We tried the quiz, which prompted a good discussion or two, and hubby made another round of coffee and tea.

It was all relaxed and enjoyable. Money clinked and rustled(!) into the collection box. Apart from the weather, it all went very well.

Of course, after everyone had left, the clouds passed and the sun came out!

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