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Tram Train

This is about the weird and wonderful tram train. Weird because it runs partly on tram lines and partly on standard rail tracks. Wonderful because it opens up a new route into our city of Sheffield.

It runs from Parkgate Retail World to Cathedral in Sheffield CIty Centre

Here’s the info


Why is it featured in my blog?

Because, for me, this is a LIFE CHANGER. Travelling into Sheffield by car is a NIGHTMARE. There is too much traffic on too many – or too few – lanes. There are tram lines along the roads and there are confusing road signs.

Travelling by train is good but has limitations – and you have to get to a rail station first anyway. Which means finding somewhere to park, train tickets to pre-purchase and pre planning the return trip, negotiating a large main line station and hoping the train turns up.

The tram train is different. Park in Retail World, Parkgate – for free. Catch the tram – pay on board. Get off where you like. Rotherham, Meadowhall (shopping centre), Ikea(major homeware store), Centertainment (cinema, bowling, restaurants), Arena (major events), and all the way into Sheffield.

So now, if someone says – lets go bowling, or to the cinema, or meet up in Sheffield, I can say YES.

Thank you tram train.

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