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November Picture Diary

One week in November. In Pictures.

5th November (or sometime during the extended Guy Fawkes gunpowder extravaganza). I didn’t go to an organised event, or purchase/ ignite any fireworks. Just enjoyed some skylit explosionsfrom my own back garden. Tried to capture on my phone camera.

This was my best shot.





8th November. What a wonderful rich and vibrant autumn we have had. Maybe due to the late spring, or the exceptional summer. But the seasonal colours have been awesome. The photo below is taken right at the bottom of an area we call “Seven Hills” and I wish I could have taken photos from the top of the hill because it was wonderful. It’s like – when you play a fab song in your car and you think everyone else would love to hear it and you open the window to give them a share – that’s what I wanted to do with this ride. There are better photos but this run took my breath away.



9th November Lunchtime walk. Regular route. Nothing very exciting and it’s too noisy. But the bare shrubs revealed a little pond beyond (Ooh, rhyming words!) so I took a quick photo stop.


11th November Next, a fuzzy photo of my Grandaughter, aged 5, looking lovely, looking funny,

clomping along in my heeled shoes, but kicked them off and ran away when I tried to take the photo. The black spot is a shoe!




Spider doing butterfly stroke, trying to climb a reflection of the stairs, from a bowl of water in the kitchen. Question. We were out all day. Where did this spider come from? He’s not a small one, and he must have swung in on a wire, and at some point dangled over the sink. Well, I’m just glad I wasn’t in!


Rememberance Monday, 12th November.


Visited the grave of my Grandfather, Charles Broughton Senior (And Grandma- Nan) in a leaf strewn churchyard. There is no stone for their grave. I located it by remembering the name on the grave next to it. Not bad after an absence of – ooh too many years. So I didn’t take a photo. The leaves were very pretty though.

Also searched and found the grave of a childhood friend, lost over 50 years ago. The dappled shade makes these photos look quite different to one another.





I am not a lover of winter evenings, dark nights and  the cold. But I do try to catch a good sunset picture. Best one so far this year.  The sun actually sets to the right of this. The speck of light behind the tree is a street light. Just saying. The colours were vibrant pink and lilac over the back fence, but turned to this lovely peachy shade as it came round to the front. Not bad for a photo taken right outside my front door.

For more sunset pics, see the gallery.

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