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Sober-ish October

I am attempting the “sober in October” regime. It’s day 5 today. It’s remarkably easy to swap a late night drink to a hot milk or hot chocolate. I’ve slept better, but that’s probably due to being on holiday from work, so I’ve been able to sleep in longer. According to “Trust me, I’m a doctor” there is evidence to show the benefit to the mind, organs and cancer indicators from abstaining, even for just a month. I still want to have a glass of wine with my evening meal though. And drinking diet coke at the pub on quiz night will not be so jolly. I’ve not had a cider for ages. I might struggle. My motivation, really, is to help with weight loss. I don’t think I eat a great deal, so the empty calories in the alcohol must play a part.

Update. After writing this, my hubby cooked a lovely steak dinner, and as it was our anniversary, I had a glass of wine. He says I had two, but we only have very small glasses, so by the standard red wine glass, I had one measure. Then, at quiz night, I did partake of a pint glass of Strongbow. Very nice it was, too. So I had another half!

I had a really bad night! Awake at 3am. Could not get back to sleep. Gave up at 5am and made a decaf tea, and pledged never to drink at the pub again (even though the soft drinks cost the same, or more, that the alcoholic ones). Finally slept sometime after 6am for a couple of hours.

So I am convinced that I sleep better and feel better without alcohol. I just look forward to the weight loss, which might take some time, as I’ve just made a gateau to go with some fresh cream after dinner. My contribution to the Anniversary celebrations. With the Cava fizz. Hic!


I went to Owlerton Stadium for the dog racing on 12th October. Sober October has now gone to the dogs.