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National Poetry Day ll

On National Poetry Day, 4th October, I met with some fellow poets from Dwell Time. We met on the train to Huddersfield on the Penistone line, (auto-corrected, incorrectly, to “penis tone”) to read out-loud and record poetry. The line to Huddersfield goes through many tunnels. This is not conducive to hearing anything other than the roar of the train in the darkness, so hearing anyone speak was impossible. Add to this, the many station stops (fourteen from Sheffield) when passengers were traversing the central corridor to/from the doors, and general train noise and announcements, it was not an easy ride (from a poetry reading point of view)

But it was good to meet others with the same interests, and we were able to read poems between tunnels and station stops. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day was “Change”. I really enjoyed the pieces that were read and I was able to read my poem “Changing my I.D.”, a poem not yet published anywhere.

The journey itself, through a wonderful part of Yorkshire countryside, on a famous old (often single line) railway, made it a special occasion. The views on the journey back, on my own, were spectacular in the late afternoon autumn sunshine.

Below are photos of the penistone viaduct shadows, the first taken on the outward journey and the second, longer shadows, on the return, and shadows from the Denby Dale viaduct overlooking Denby Dale.



Supplimentory Update. You might know by now that I am a bit keen on viaducts. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I am in awe of the engineering feat, the great towering strength and the beauty and age of them. Perhaps I am enchanted with the possible views framed in the arches. Have a look at my gallery “Mostly viaducts.” I took a photo of the Denby Dale viaduct from the viewpoint in the dale, between the houses on the photo above.