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Happy New Year

The old ones are the best…C1978

The Christmas feast is over, the carols have been sung
The turkey has been eaten and the new year bells have rung
The mince pies have all gone, and we’ve supped all we can sup
So please can someone tell me why the trimmings* are still up?

We all go back to normal, and back to work go we
But is that a Christmas cracker and a party hat I see?
The season isn’t over yet – it’ll be a few days more
Before we take the mistletoe and holly from the door

Then twelfth night comes – its time at last to throw out Christmas trees
And stand them in the garden where forlornly they will freeze
So we raise a toast to this year From first month to the twelfth
May those we love know we love them. Have a good year and good health.

*Decorations, Yorkshire style.