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Keeping Warm

Do I mean keeping warm? Or do I mean Getting Warm?

Is it easier to keep warm – i.e. not get cold, than to get warm after being cold?

October is the month of change and chill. Of sensing the end of one season and having to accept* the start of the next. It’s a month of adjusting the heating, just a little. Changing to the thicker duvet, maybe. Well I never get round to putting the summer one on, so it’s also the month when I get out the long sleeved nightwear. (Quick rant here – where is the sense in having long sleeve nightie/night-top, with a low neck leaving all your chest totally bare?) It’s the month when we cover the garden parasol, but leave out the washing line, in hope of a few extra sunny, windy drying days. Checking that winter coats, boots, gloves will service the needs of the season.

And then there’s the change in the light. Throughout October, the sun becomes noticibly sluggish to rise and break through, and very keen to set. Which made me keen to remove the blackout curtain linings in the bedroom. But within a week or so, we will change the clocks back to their “proper” times, and the mornings will appear lighter again, so I am leaving the linings on another month or so.

I’ve got new curtains, and for the first time, I have “tie backs” which I think look really good. I enjoy opening the curtains each morniing, fastening them back and admiring them. For about thirty seconds. It’s the last thing I do in the morning before going downstairs, having breakfast and leaving for work. When I come home and go upstairs to change, its already dark and I close the curtains again. Today I thought – “why do I bother opening the curtains – might as well leave them closed”. But I opened them anyway. It was raining.

October is the month of Hallowe’en, Half term, and desperate last minute holidays. Squeeze as much holiday feeling as you can into this month of wind, rain, and deceptive sunshine.

This time next week it will be November. Hello and good night. Keep warm.


*a subjective remark based on my love of summer and dread of winter