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Book Two

It’s two years since the publication of my book In Search of Sympathy or a Cure.

I have written more poetry, been more creative and generally been more focussed on writing than ever before. So where is Book Two?

Well, Book Two is coming. And it’s Massive. In size, content, format. Or is it a Trilogy or a Quadology or a Quintology?

Here is my dilemma. A book has to be a certain thickness – about 160 pages, to be deep enough to have a title on the spine edge. So although I picture a group of books, of various styles or subjects, it is better placed, commercially, as one book.

The heart says it’s just a book.  – start at the beginning, keep going till you get to the end, and then stop. My head says this is too much work – there are things to put in place. There are obstacles. There is research. To create the image I have, there is self-analysis too. I look at some of my work and it amazes me, recalling how it came about. Then I find another piece and  wonder at the distance I have travelled. The work has all been done. It’s just how it’s put together. And doing it.

I need to get this right. I will get there. If I can avoid the distractions of life.