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Well it wasn’t funny!

We had a week away in a lovely caravan in Ingoldmells. It rained. A lot. We watched a lot of telly, and Jeff fetched a very tasty Chinese bring away one evening. Then two nights we cooked in the van rather than venturing out (he could not be persuaded to go out again)

Ingoldmells does have a lovely beach, though, like most of that Lincolnshire coast line, and the weather did give us a little dry break to enjoy it. It has a wide band of fine soft sand to wiggle your toes in, and a stretch of tide-wet sand for building castles and drawing love hearts. The moderate waves swept across in diagonal patterns and made that satisfying rattle as they were sucked back over the pebbles at the water edge.

The site we were on was right down near the sea front. I expected to hear a lot of noise from the main funfair attraction, Fantasy Island, but it didn’t really bother us at all. Everything we needed – shops, bars, restaurants were within walking distance and we don’t do long walks. In fact Jeff’s walk to the Chinese takeaway was about as far as he would want to walk – rain or no rain.

I had a turn on the karaoke. I followed a chap who sang Penny Arcade, in tune, but much faster than the music.  Not sure if he couldn’t hear the music or just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

The arcade slots are one of the best things about english seaside towns and you can still enjoy them in the poor weather. I never play to win, just to have fun and see how long a poundsworth of 2p’s can last.

So it was a bit of a damp break but a change is as good as a rest. And it was a very good caravan and I think we will go again.