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Current Reading List


One hundred Favorite Poems edited Classic FM Very Good – some classics, and all in popularity order. Not all to my taste but enjoyed remembering my favourites and exploring a few new ones.

Selected Poems Jenny Joseph. Jenny’s poem about growing old and wearing purple is framed on my wall so i was looking forward to reading more from her. Enjoyed some but didn’t thrill as I thought it would.

Women Poets of the Year 2015 I don’t know how this got into print! Words fail me! Maybe I am just not that sort of poet. I just could not see the merit in 90% of this.

Thomas Hardy Poems.

Doctor, Doctor – Rosemary Leonard A really good read – anecdotal about a GP practice, and with some medical interest too. Right up my street.





The little girl in the radiator – Amazing book about dementia. Recommend

Writing down the bones

The freelance writer’s handbook

The positively productive writer



Stephen Fry – The Ode Less Travelled

Wendy Cope – Family Values. Thoroughly enjoyed this and will look out for other books by this poet.

Mark Hadden – (re-reading) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

John Cleese – So Anyway

A Streetcat named Bob  – I had been looking forward to getting hold of a copy of this book for some time as it had been recommended to me. I was quite disappointed and decided to quit after a few chapters.