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March News

Here are the news headlines

March was so  full of family-based emotional  ups and downs, it should have provided enough material to write another book of poems, or at least a television drama!

There was a birthday, a death, a seaside trip, a close encounter, an emergency surgery, an accident,  a mother’s day outing, a planned surgical procedure and another birthday.


April News

In all the commotion, I missed some key Poem-Orientated key dates, and we are suddenly into April, which for some reason is classed as Poetry Month. In Poetry Month, poets are challenged to write a poem a day. Poets who are a little sly, I would imagine, save up a few pieces so they have some verses to throw in when they miss a day.


It’s coincidental that I decided to publish a verse a day on my facebook page, Yorkshire Pen. It was a poem about spiders. However there were only five verses and its already 10th of April. To be honest I don’t need the challenge. I would rather write when I feel the urge.

At the moment I am enjoying reading different types  of poetry, and mulling over ideas for future writing. Maybe I’ll write a television drama!