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October News

My Yorkshire Pen Tee Shirt arrived!



October 6th was National Poetry Day.  I was invited to Rotherham Library and spent a few hours talking to people about poetry, and reading some poems from my book “In search of Sympathy or a Cure”.  I sold a few books.

The weekend after that was the start of our quest for a newly refurbished bathroom. I thought I would write a poem about that. But it’s been a long, arduous process and nothing funny sprung to mind to write about. We must be reaching the point of the year when I stop writing funny stuff. My tag line is “If it’s not sunny, it’s not funny”. And I am certainly feeling the effects of the darker  evenings on my mood. The bathroom is an ongoing project.



We took the grandsons to see the farewell parade of Sheffield’s #herdofelephants at Meadowhall. These fabulously decorated models were auctioned off this month, with all proceeds going to The Children’s Hospital Charity.  Their web page currently has more info about the event and the money raised.

Also this month I was thrilled to meet my late sister’s schoolfriend. We all lived in the same village when we were young and it was  really good to meet and chat with her.

Well that’s almost the end of another month. The clocks go back this weekend so I will have to get used to driving in the dark again. I don’t “celebrate” hallowe’en, I only “tolerate” bonfire night, (Nov 5th) and we don’t recognise Thanksgiving here. Christmas is great for the songs and carols and the feeling of goodwill. New year is always good for the promise  of new leaf, fresh start. But the best thing is I can be encouraged by the days starting to lengthen, and look forward to the summer again. That said, the colours of autumn trees and the Engish countryside at this time of year cannot be denied.