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November News

Well I’ve had a look back at November, and it would mostly be best forgotten.

The bathroom makeover was stressful and far more effort than was worthwhile. The end result is very nice, but the episode will be remembered with pain more than joy! There was certainly nothing poetic about it.

I did write one poem this month, but it was nothing to do with the bathroom. It was the tale of a train journey. I was on my way to a meeting in Ipswich. It’s a dreadful poem with many grammatical gaffs meaning it will probably never reach print in the new book.

Ah! Yes! the new book! Well I made a start. First I needed to find a publisher in the UK, instead of the American one I used for the first book. This is because I found that anyone buying the book has to virtually buy it from America, thus incurring a high post and packing rate, when in truth the books are in UK and thats where I want to sell them. (Look under the SHOP tab for details of how to buy the book direct from I think it’s a little too soon to get Yorkshire dialect into mainstream U.S.A. Let them learn English first :-p . So I found a company in U.K. who offered me a template for the book size I wanted. You have to know this first. You want it to fit to a standard size format to be accepted for publishing.

The book is going to be an anthology of poems: rhyming, non-rhyming, silly, serious, sad, mad, and a reflection of various stages of life, love, seasons and reasons.

Many of the poems are already written, but need sorting and slotting into their place, either by time, season or reason etc. I may even split it into a trilogy, so you can buy one or a box set!

So November has been a hard dark month as ever but there are always rays of light. Two of my children, and my Grandaughter, have their birthdays in November. So we celebrated with facepainting and  fireworks near the beginning and with karting and feasting near the end. As soon as those anniversaries are over, we start to think and plan for Christmas. There should have been some late Autumn pruning and garden tidying, but the bathroom fiasco kicked that into touch, and we missed the last green bin day. Anyway, the birds seem to be enjoying the extra shelter given by the untrimmed hedges.