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Launch Week

Tracking where I have been and whats been done is not such a strong suit. I thought I would be tracking it here, but the days have just whizzed by, and I am just now trying to catch up.

Letters written to newspapers and libraries.  Possible sales outlets visited. All should be pre-launch really – and with plenty of notice. I would not recommend this approach. It needed far more advance planning. But I only had this one shot, and it’s been really good to do this preliminary work now. It will be good for the coming Autumn season, with possible sales for Christmas gifts.

It actually comes out looking like an awesome Family week though. I don’t mind sharing that.

Sunday – Added a new section to a song lyric, and tidied up  a couple of the verses. Not completely happy with it yet, but it will be epic!

Monday – Wrote emails, and posted off some preorders. Took grandsons, age 8 and 7,  to Pastures Moo ice cream parlour in Wath upon Dearne, for a summer ice cream treat. Then to Meadowhall Vue cinema for the BFG movie. Forty minutes of adverts and not a great film. Brought the younger of the two boys out after an hour, and bought some scrummy chips. Re-wrote a draft poem about passion, in a sceptical tone.

Tuesday – Rotherham Town Centre. Secured an arrangement with the Rotherham Tourist info centre to stock some of my books. Will go back in a couple of weeks to see how that’s going. In the evening, went to an open mic night at Brinsworth, just to see what goes on. Great live music. All very enthusiastic players – guitars, fiddle, drums, harmonica and some good songs. Hope to get brave and sing one of my own compositions here at a later date. Was driving so only had Pepsi to drink. Kept me awake all night. Gave up trying to sleep at 4am and wrote a rhyme about it.

Wednesday – Took our grandsons to Hornsea. A day out at the seaside. Nice sandy beach, plenty of teashops and loo stops. Picnic lunch and Wonderful fish and chips for tea.

Thursday – Reviewed some finances, paid balance for a little holiday coming up next month, and took some orders to post. Then off to see my new baby grandson, who launched into the world the same week as my book! Lovely cuddles, and fun times with family. Tonight, prepared intro letters for people who want paper mail

Back to Rawmarsh Library and Barnsley Chronicle Bookshop tomorrow. (today – it’s rather late!)

Friday – Another sale, Whoop! Collected new specs. Colected bread order ( long overdue – it’s all gluten free and had been delayed due to an oven breakdown). Took some bits to charity shop, popped in Iceland and bought more ice cream/biscuits/desserts that should have – only went in for peas and green beans!

First Friday in month is steak night. A  good meal for the end of this busy week. Now time to chill for the weekend.