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Outline of Lyric “LOST”


I think I have found an App now, that will let me write the notes and play back to me.

A long tedious job if ever ther was one.

Maybe just the chords then!



Is she being led by others

or just wandering free?

Is she being controlled

Or is that the way she sees it – or the way she wants to be?

Is she blaming others for her lack of decision

Lack of direction

Is she struggling for independence

Or afraid to put down roots?

Not knowing what she really wants

She drifts.

middle bit…..

“There’s a magic in my heart

That says that freedom is my goal

I am not lost I’m just a wand Ring soul – –

But loneliness and tumbling grass

Comes at a cost And though I roam

I realise at last – 

This cycle of my life must pass

And  I must find my own way home”

© Amanda Samm