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The importance of learning rhyming skills

When children start to learn to read, they need to learn so many rules for the written word. Hopefully, by now they have already been introduced to many books which have been read to them. It’s not random chance that so many children’s books feature rhyme. We all have our favourites. But the classic of all rhyming books has to be Chicken Licken.  So the sky is falling down and Chicken Licken is going to to tell the King. And on the way she meets  Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Turkey Lurkey, etc… What a great collection of rhyming pairs! On reflection I think Foxy Loxy managed to pull a wicked stunt and eat them all. I may have to review whether this is still suitable reading.

So you learn the word Cat, and then Mat.  It’s so simple, then, to see thAT sAT and fAT have the same ending and sound the same – only the beginning changed.

That’s why Frogs sit on Logs, and why Humpty’s last name is Dumpty. It’s all a reading skill.

Children love rhyme.  Finding rhyming words together with your child is great fun. Try a rhyming bingo game, or “Rhyme Robbers” game. Great for age 3,4, 5 yr olds.

Example of my daughter bringing rhyme to the table:

Daughter, age about 5, eating a piece of cake: “What rhymes with cake”

Me: “Bake, Make, for goodness Sake” (a phrase I would use often for minor irritations)

Daughter: “Why did you say ‘for goodness sake?’ ”

Me: “Because Sake rhymes with Cake”


Daughter: “So what rhymes with Bloody Hell?”