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Staycation day 03

Today was a day for us oldies to go walkies. We combined my wish to not travel too far with his wish to see some canal locks. So we went to Tinsley Flight. We went  from lock 10 up to the top, and back down again. It was warm and pleasant. Not much wildlife or scenery, and quite noisy, for somewhere you would expect to be calm and serene. Thats because of the proximity to the motorway. We actually walked under the Tinsley viaduct, which is a road bridge with a motorway on top. The viaduct skims right across the motorway roundabout junction and the canal.

We did see some houseboat barges but only moored up, so we didn’t see any of the locks in action. But it was a decent walk, for us.

I’ve been writing a new poem today. It’s still in draft stage, but it’s good to be writing something new instead of re-writing old stuff and editing.