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Born in Rother Valley, West Riding of Yorkshire, I grew up alongside t'pit, t'gas works an' railways. Been writing verse/poetry since I was eight or nine years old. I have a full time "day job" and when I'm not writing or thinking of things to write, I am sleeping. I love the Yorkshire dales and the Yorkshire coast, but I do escape to warmer sands when I can.

September News

Well what a month it has been.

The visit to North Yorkshire was really good. I’ve already added the waterfall and viaduct photos.

The following weekend was my son’s wedding. A wonderful occasion. I’d been asked to write a poem for the occasion, (which I did and finalised last month), and I read it during the ceremony. The weather brightened up for the photos and everything seemed to go well.

The weekend after that I was away in Spain. As the plane took off, a poem came to me, which i quickly jotted down on my ever ready notebook, and I realised it was my first new poem of the month. The poems have come thick and fast since then. I have one that may be called “These are not my Shoes”, and one called “Time Flies”. Although theres still a possibility of a poem about the very  long walk to Mallyam Spout waterfall, and the resultant extremely painful legs! So – lots of work to do now.

To top off the month, I had a lovely time this evening at HOurbank, Dearne, where I had been invited to read some poems from my book. Not only did I get to read, but heard from many people who had, at some point, written poems them selves.

I had some great feedback too.

Tomorrow sees the end of September, and it’s my grandson’s birthday. Looking forward to a busy family weekend, but in honesty, hope October is a little more relaxed.

Snippets from current editing of poems

From “Suddenly Awake”

You stood naked

While you waited…..

And while you ached inside

You washed yourself and dried

And found somewhere to hide

The towel and the nightdress


From “Stress”

Thoughts jump in panic

Heart beat quickens

But outwardly the body

Repeats expected tasks

And soldiers on

….Words plucked from ends of nerves

whistle round and through

never touching, never uttered

By the outward senses….


From “Circles”

….And yes, I love the life that I have now

But not the speed with which it seems to go

Without me even moving, doing nothing, day by day

The world that spins ignores me, as if it doesn’t know

My book is for sale

Now, if you go to Shop on the menu, you can see a pic of my book. Click on the pic, and you will see a little more info and can place a pre-order. Or you can just click to add to basket. Payment is by Paypal or by debit/credit card (give me feedback on how this goes – it’s all a bit new)

Clicking on the basket or checkout menu opens new secure browser tabs too, so you can easily get back to the website main page.

If you prefer to catch up with me around Rotherham/Barnsley  in Launch Week, 1st – 5th August, I will have copies to sell, cash only. Saves you the p&p. And you might get a free bookmark! Whoop!

Let me know if you would like the book signing, and if you want any message in it if it’s a gift. I’ll try to oblige.



Face Book Page

I’ve made a Facebook “Page“.

I said I was an author, which I am, but I called it Yorkshire Pen, when really I suppose it should have been called Amanda Samm. Too late now.

I’ve not advertised it yet. I’ll put some pics on.  I’m still working out how to get my book on sale. The self publish software I’ve used is based in San Fransisco, and I am concerned about shipping costs for individual buyers, so I may have to absorb those costs myself, at least for the first batch, and look at other options for future batches, hopefully from a UK base.


Fantastic Day


I had some minor, and a couple of major, issues with the book of poetry that I’m working on with blurb. On the plus side, the support I am getting is very encouraging, but it’s delayed the finished product so maybe end of July is looking a little optimistic.

Anyway, one of the issues was that I found I had 2 blank pages. I could have left them at the end of the book, but I decided to incorporate them into it, so I needed material to fill. I have a very special poem, called Orange Flower, so I found a good picture to go alongside, and it worked well. One page down, one to go. I had an old poem about a newspaper, and I started thinking of how things have changed since it was written. I started writing an article about how newspaper was multifunctional, recyclable and altogether much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags that line our waste bins today. This led to a complete re-write of the poem and took up two pages. Now, I had a page too many. So I had to take one out. I’ll post that on my Poem section on this website. It’s called “Rich”.  It’s not simply about financial richness, but about the way we veiw the richness of our lives, and don’t know what we’ve got, basically.  🙂 I digress.

So I’m pretty pleased. And after sorting out extra headers and extra numbers on the added pages I’m now ready to upload again. That’s one Whoop! to me.


I’ve been asked to write a poem for a special occasion. Create on demand is not something I’m used to. Although I have had to write on specific subjects for competition entries – won a few nice prizes too – this ones a bit close to my heart and needs to be just right, especially as I  will be reading it, too. And it’s done! First draft, finishing and prettied up nicely.