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Staycation May 2016

Staycation day 15

Whoa! Where did that two weeks go?

Had some busy days, family days, lazy days and a birthday! Had a windy day at the seaside, stayed in an awful B&B and came home a day early.

Finished a poem and wrote another which will go in the book. Edited a couple of others and found one that needs two extra lines. I think I have resolved most of the illustration issues.

Moving on to proofreading now, and questioning dodgy words/grammar.

Marketing next! Hey Ho! Move along there!



Staycation day 03

Today was a day for us oldies to go walkies. We combined my wish to not travel too far with his wish to see some canal locks. So we went to Tinsley Flight. We went  from lock 10 up to the top, and back down again. It was warm and pleasant. Not much wildlife or scenery, and quite noisy, for somewhere you would expect to be calm and serene. Thats because of the proximity to the motorway. We actually walked under the Tinsley viaduct, which is a road bridge with a motorway on top. The viaduct skims right across the motorway roundabout junction and the canal.

We did see some houseboat barges but only moored up, so we didn’t see any of the locks in action. But it was a decent walk, for us.

I’ve been writing a new poem today. It’s still in draft stage, but it’s good to be writing something new instead of re-writing old stuff and editing.


Staycation day 02

Day 2 was a day of learning. Learning about WordPress and posting the plans for the next couple of weeks. Trip to The Range, good Sunday dinner and an evening dip in the hot tub. Looked at ideas for illustrating the book.

Staycation Day 01

It’s my son’s Birthday today.

We met up with him at our younger son’s home. There were about 20 of us altogether, celebrating 2 birthdays with a super barbeque and wonderful spread of salad, dips and other party food. I took my #glutenfree chipolata sausages. It was a bit windy and there were a few showers. But it was a lovely gathering, and wonderful to see our little grandaughter running about enjoying the company of her cousins. In a few weeks time she will have a new brother or sister.

Staycation day 0

Home for the holidays.

Two weeks off work for some R & R. Or 3Rs.  Reading and wRiteing and Rhythm – tick. And 3Ss. Sea, Sand and hopefully Sunshine. 16 days if you count the weekend at both ends

Day zero – get home, fill wine glass and stroll onto the deck, where the patio heater is already warming up.



Make plans for the staycation. Not too many – I have a tendancy to think I can cram a lot more in. I’ll under expect, and over acheive.

Top of the list are three things –

  • finishing my book of poems so it can go off to be published. I’m editing it all myself and using an on-line publishing tool – Blurb. It’s been a tough learning curve but I am making progress. It’s easier than getting my head round this website malarky which is currently causing a stress headache – and that was before I got to this page!
  • Getting this website into use – thats what i am doing now. Understanding the terminology, like the differences between Posts and Pages,  and clarifying in my head what it’s purpose is. Will people be interested, and does that matter? Will it help to promote my books? Will it enthuse me to write more for writings sake – to keep my mind active and give me a “ME” place to download my head. Well no-one wants to see that, dear! This is my second website. The first is at and was set up when my grandsons were quite small. Its got some poetry and some jokes and a little bit of granny type advice.
  • Family time. I’ll have some days of the family all being together. Some at my son and DIL, and  a couple of days at the seaside too. I also have neices to see, Brother to meet with, and hopefully a catch up with friends too. Hmm – like I said, I might be trying to cram too much in. Because as well as all this

There are things to do in the garden, there’s stuff needs taking to the charity shop, I need to collect my new specs and I need to send off a renewal for my passport.  Tried doing the form on-line but its on a beta site and won’t let you pay when you get to the end.  Swapped from Firefox to Edge to see if that worked but no good.

Once I get that little list out of the way, I can get back to writing new stuff.