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Candle – Relighting the flame.

The launch of my poetry book, Candle, was snuffed out due to Covid-19. All meetings and venues and readings were cancelled.

On a good note, I learned to “Zoom” into poetry open mics and read some of my poems. I “met” a lot of people and made new friends. I found that poetry is not dead, or dying. It is thriving. The virus  lock-downs have given people more opportunity to write. And more reason to contemplate “the meaning of life” and where we are right now.

Twenty-twenty was just awful. But with the vaccines now running full pelt, I am hopeful for the future and what it may hold. So I will begin to promote my book again, and look forward to getting back out in the real world.

So here’s a new plug for my book. It’s called Candle. It’s a compilation of poetry written by me throughout my lifetime. Subjects range from my enjoyment of nature, especially summer, to motherhood and family life, to issues at work and everyday things that just “happen” and need writing about. It’s funny, moody, silly and sad.

Twenty-Twenty  also found me writing much more poetry than ever. There are plenty of poems on this website that were written that year, and some of these may find their way into another booklet.

So have a look through the poems. Have a look at the SHOP header and consider buying Candle. If you prefer just the rhyming poetry, consider my previous book “In Search of Sympathy or a Cure”.  If you want to contact me, you can email me at

Thanks for looking. Happy New Year. Let’s get 2021 off the ground. Happy browsing.

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