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About Rattle

Added to the poem file today – Rattle.

This is  about words that I own inside my head. But as the owner of the words I become the subject of the poem. Words unspoken are abstract. I have to be self possessed because no one else can own my words, no one can understand my words and no one needs me or my words.

In lock down we are all trying to stay calm, stay safe, move from day to day in an almost robotic fashion. There is little stimuli to talk about and very few people to talk to. We fill up with words that go no-where. We get out of the habit of saying anything very much, but the words are all in there, building up, with nowhere to go but round and round like marbles in a jar.

So why is the poem called Rattle? I was made aware of a poetry competition called Rattle (USA) and considered entering. So I looked at past winners. They rattled me. I will not enter competitions. I will not trouble people to read my prose in a competetive light for what I write is far away from the type of poem that seems to win awards. I can enjoy my own words for myself. I am self possessed.


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