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Face coverings

We have been told to wear face masks. Not the medical grade ones. Just any old face covering. Mainly on public transport or in shops or places where it will be difficult to maintain the two metre distancing.

You Tube has videos showing how these can be made at home, from tee shirts or socks – no sewing necessary. I made a few in readiness, but decided to buy one anyway (homemade by someone else on eBay). It’s nice cotton, with a pouch for an extra layer of fabric, and a metal strip to fit securely over the bridge of the nose.

I went a short walk yesterday and gave it a trial run.
The weather was quite cool so I had a hoodie on
And as I walked along I was aware of my breathing
It was warm inside the mask, and moist.
I breathed harder – (I was going uphill)
The mask sucked into my mouth
and when I breathed out
My glasses steamed up
I thought
How long could I keep the mask on in a shop?
Or on a long train journey.
Then I thought
Our medical staff have been wearing one right through their shift
every day – sometimes twelve hours, while wearing heavy plastic overalls.
Not a little cotton one like mine.
A medical, proper PPE mask and I wondered how they could do it
and I wonder
If we had been made to wear them every day from the start
would we have had more appreciation for those nurses ?
And would fewer of us have needed hearses ?


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