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Loftus – North Yorkshire

A pictoral summary of our little trip in April 2019


We were staying in Loftus, but the trip was to visit Saltburn on Sea, and re-visit Staithes.

Loftus Church (it’s actually the town hall or council buildings.)

It was Good Friday. The sun was out and the forecast was good, so we were not the only ones on the road. The queue to get into the motorway services was so long, we didn’t even get as far as the car park. We parked in a layby on a side road, and I actually went into a farmers field and squatted in the hedge for a wee! Not done that for a good many years!

We found a different way, much better than the motorway. We found a tea cabin on top of a hill. The views over the other side of the road were probably fantastic, but it was a very busy road.

Our accommodation was the Stationmasters House. A really cosy bed-sitting room, with luxurious en-suite and adequate kitchen. I was mainly interested  in the sunshine and the station history.

Visited Saltburn on Sea in the evening and saw the sun set, and the full moon rise! Amazing

Good Saturday 😛

Viaduct visit at Mill Field Meadow – see separate in Gallery/Mostly viaducts. We tend to seek out viaducts or waterfalls. Had you noticed? 🙂

Saltburn on sea. Packed! Went on the Funicular lift. The stain glass windows in the lift carriage are lovely. The view from the top, down to Saltburn pier, is amazing. We also visited the Italian gardens and park, and travelled back on the miniture railway. Very miniture, No room to get my arms out to take photos.


Easter Sunday Lunch Pre booked at

Tiger Inn, Easington. The dinner was lovely. And it was a gluten free cheesecake.

Skinningrove. A very interesting village and important steel producer. Not a bad beach. Good public toilets!

Staithes in the evening. Anyone who knows Staithes knows the quaint village lies at the foot of a very – and i mean very – steep hill. We left the car at the top car park and walked straight down to the village – not the route over the bridge of the river as we had on a previous trip. To return, we thought we had found another way up, only to discover that the road ended half way up. We were advised by a dog walker that we could continue along a path, over a stile, across a field, along the concrete road of a farm, and get back to the car park at the top. It was rather edgy, but we made it just in time to see the sunset.



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