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Books, The Library and Dancing


This time I read The Salt Path by Raynor Wenn. An account of walking the south west coast  of Devon and Cornwall, from Minehead to Plymouth. Through homelessness and ill health, a true story of a couple, poor in pocket but with rich description of their surroundings. An excellent read.

The other two books were not up to much. Once again, I struggled with the small font in one. The other was a sorry tale of a motherless girl looking after young siblings while their father was in prison. It might have held my interest longer but it was due for return and I decided to look for something more cheery.

The Library.

My local library  is not a big library. Not like the new one in the town. Even that is small compared to the one we used to have in town. The council knocked that down and built a new multi-purpose council building with a library inside. So you are browsing at one side, and people are queuing to pay bills or question council services. If you walk right through this mayhem you reach the children’s library area. If I had small children and wanted to take them to that library I would not feel happy to let them browse one side while I was at the other end. I digress. There’s no car park, and it’s  nowhere near the bus station and multi storey car park.I wrote a poem about this library a couple of years ago. Must add it here.

So as I don’t want to drag library books around, I thought I would try the local library instead. Big car park, less traffic to deal with, same library card. What’s not to like?

Well it’s more like a community centre. Nothing wrong with getting best value from a space, to be fair. But library services are not well served.

So I go to scan in my returned books, but the red line on the scanner does not appear, so I go to the desk. As I’m there, I explain about leaving my card behind last time. When it’s found, there’s a misunderstanding and she tries to scan my returns back out to me. But we get that sorted and I go to choose some new exciting  reads.

I may write a poem about this library too! I am less than impressed with the shelves and the layout. The headers on one wall all say Information. But this covers books on cooking, fishing and other hobbies, and the biographies. If they have poetry books, it’s not obvious where they are to be found. In one area there is a group of people who are discussing something that sounds like “what’s wrong with this world and how it should be put right”. Behind the shelf where I am browsing there is a toddler group. The carers are encouraging singing, and then hide and seek games around the bookcases. This is not a quiet library.

I chose four books. Two look like they may be funny. Of the other two, one is about a psychiatrist and the other a family mystery about twins. I didn’t try using the scanner. Got them stamped with the good old date stamp and ink pad, and made sure I put my library card away in my wallet. The library will definitely be  the subject of a poem, soon.

I’ve joined a dance class. I am learning not to waddle. I have remembered one of the dances (I used to go a few years ago) and I have acquired a dance partner.

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