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Valentine Poems

I’m starting a small collection of  verses for Valentine’s Day.

I think a lot of traditional celebratory days have become a bit of a commercial cash cow. And I’ve never really bought in to Valentine’s day. Like Mother’s Day, I think if someone is going to show they care, then they need to show it through the year not just one day in 365. Or, in the year in point, 366.

Anyway, it’s totally incidental that in trying to write some slushy romantic stuff I seem to have ended up with some rather satirical views of relationships. One example has already been added. It’s actually a series of Haiku. Each one was an extra attempt to be romantic in just 17 syllables. But it turned into the END of a relationship instead. It’s called Haiku Break Up and it’s in this section just before this entry.

The next started off just fine, with the common “Roses are…” beginning. It somehow became “Roses are thorny”, turned into a rather cynical poem voiced by a financially strapped guy who just wanted a quick cheap way to get his girl into bed. Story of my life! It’s called Cheapo Valentino

Also included is the actual sloppy Sonnet “Valentine” I wrote for my hubby after we’d been married about ten years! So I must have had a soft romantic side once upon a time. It’s included in my book, Candle, as well as in my poem section here.

Finally in this Valentine section, is “Show me some Affection” which has been added as a graphic, to give the poem a “romantic” shape. I’m pleased with how it looked before I changed the format, but then I had to blow it up, then it went fuzzy! I’ve got it as big as I can without it turning completely to fuzz. I’d also like to add that it is about no-one I know. But if I meet him I won’t have to hang about, and it will be good to have this one in hand 🙂


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