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Nonsense to Ponder

So having got Dead Poets post off my chest, so to speak, (for now) let me take you on a little wander into strange waters. It’s just for fun but if it makes you stop and ponder the meaning thats fine. Make of it what you will. Is it nonsense?

It was just a dream, she said
But the slumber never ended
She drifted with her tear stained face
Looked for the hand
And took her place
Upon the sand
And waited for the waves
In gentle shallow

It was just a dream, she said
But when she woke the edges blurred
And something broke
And the only word
She found
Was on the pillow
A tear stained verse
Left by the hand
She held that night
And the dream she had to follow


I’ll let you into  a secret. The second stanza was written first. I just changed them round and thought it was better.

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