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Retirement update

Here are some interesting facts about being non-working that I had not previously considered.

  • I don’t need an alarm clock. I will wake up anyway. There’s a shift to a later time of about 8am, and that’s just fine.
  • I will never need to scrape ice from the car, or dig it out of snow. If it’s frosty, I can wait for it to thaw naturally – no need to rush. If there’s a white out, I can make more tea and stay in bed.
  • Volume of traffic is not just a “rush hour” thing. The roads are always busy. I have not yet found a “quiet time” to nip out in the car. Although it is currently “Black Friday” month!
  • Hubby “watches” a lot of telly. He snoozes through a fair amount too.
  • There’s something rather un-nerving about getting to the end of the month and not having a pay advice notification.

End of four-week-retired report.

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