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Books, Magazines and the telly


My plan for this year is  to read a fiction and a non fiction per month. My first trip of the year to my local library was  sadly disappointing. Not just disappointing. It made me sad. I came away with four very thin books. One based on a humorous effort of a grammar scholar – the font was extremely small and the content not funny enough to read more than a few pages. Next, a sweet story of petty crime and romance by the sea – right up my street, so that’s my fiction ticked. Then an autobiographic of a famous person that I’ve personally never heard of. Quite well put together but once more the text was quite small. I dipped in and out of it. The day before the books were due for return I realised I hadn’t finished it, and considered extending the loan. But I didn’t. No idea what the fourth book was. They all went back on Wednesday.

The second visit was fraught with technical challenges at the scanner. (it was out of order on my first visit) With the librarian’s assistance I checked all the books back in. A “new in” section tempted me to borrow three more books. They might all be fiction. The scanner could not read my card, so it had to be scanned at the desk, and the books all date stamped in the now, old fashioned, way. Coming home, I realise I don’t have my library card. I must have left it on the desk. This isn’t going too well.


Can I justify magazines as “non-fiction” reads? I gain facts, diet tips and recipes. I learn of  horrendous and heroic life experiences. I could, if inclined, knit a full length waistcoat. I will most likely just solve the sudoku and find-the-difference puzzles. I watch the news. Not sure how much is fact and how much is media spun fiction.


Well! Apart from the News and the Weather, I’m finding most of it a bit boring and samey. Come to think of it, so is the news and the weather! I don’t feel excited to watch anything. In fact I feel I should find something more interesting to do. And so here I am. Seriously though! I’m out all day. Mostly sitting at a desk. I don’t mind a bit of telly, but I don’t want it to be the focus of every evening.

So watch this place for where life takes me next. Or, actually, where I take my life!

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