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February News

Oh! I missed the January blog. Well I had the usual cough, cold, runny nose sore throat, and couldn’t get out to the open mic sessions, and couldn’t practice much singing. I finished some lyrics I’d been working on for some time, and tried to croak out the tune onto a recording “app” on my phone for my nephew to put music to it. I planned a weekend visit to his studio, but caught another cold and could not raise much of a voice at all , let alone sing! So my songwriting is currently at a halt. My nephew, though, has continued to strive on with the music, so when I have chance I will get back to it.

February has been more interesting, from a family point of view. We had a special family day with special family photos. The mild weather meant we were able to have some time out and about, and I was able to pack away the SAD lamp.

It’s the worst month for poetry though. I’ve been waiting for some snow! I have two “half poems” about snow, and I have been trying to make them into one good poem since last summer. I decided this could not be done on a deck chair in the garden with sweat dripping down my cleavage, and shelved the project. If it doesn’t snow by the end of March, there will be a white space where the snow should be in my “Seasons” section in the new book.

Oh Yes. There will be a new book of poetry. It’s all ideas and reviewing at the moment, so I’m not sure of the format.

The last day of February was also Shrove Tuesday. I’ve just started a diet, so – no pancakes for me! I’ve given up alcohol for Lent though, to reduce the calories intake.

I’m looking forward to April, when I will have more time to push forward with my creativity. February flew by, as it always does. March came in like a lion, emotionally. Lets see what the next few weeks bring.