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Busy weekend

I’m thrilled that I have ordered my “Business Cards”. Although they are promotional cards for my book, so not really business cards, but I suppose they do the same job. I hope I will be just as thrilled when they arrive.

Proofreading is mostly done, but I have a blank page to fill, so I’m considering options. I have plenty of material but I’m also mid-way through a few compositions which might do very nicely. I can’t really decide until they are finished. I was hoping to get a proof copy printed by the end of June – we have a family event on 26th and it would be nice to have it to “show and tease”. But that might not happen. I should have the cards though – that will be fun to give.

I’m giving serious thought to other marketing tools now and preparing my “Bio” and script. I have to put something on the back page, and a photo. Well I won’t be using my new passport photo, that’s certain. That snap made me even more aware of the importance of smiling, or at least showing some expression. The blank look required for passport pics is never a good look.

Helped to dig out an old conifer from the garden. We will both be aching (more than usual) tomorrow, but we have two more shrubs to dig out. Looks like we just got the tools away in time for the next downpour. Not quite the weather for a Summer Punch Cup, but I’ll have one anyway (another one!)