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Alone on the Shore

I feel the sand, cold and wet under my bare feet
I feel the sea mist on my face
And taste the salt in the spray
There’s a cool breeze in my hair
And the promise of a warm day on the horizon

I hear the crack of the waves as they tumble
And the rattle as they run back
over the pebbles

I sit in the soft dunes
And let the dry sand play between my toes

The grains of my life may not build a castle
My footprints may disappear with the tide
But this is me.

Alone on the shore I am who I want to be
I feel the sand of life run through my fingers
And I realise how small I am
I remember how vast the ocean is

I breathe in this moment.
This solitude.
This peace.
– – – – –


Listen to the waves
As they tumble and crack
And hear them whisper to the pebbles
As the current draws them back

Barefoot on wet sand
Taste the salt In the spray
Breathe in this moment
Believe in this day.

© Amanda Samm 2020